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lots of updates.

sorry for neglecting this place :(

ryu dragon :)

another head joins the crowd, this is for a friend of mine for her dragony character :)

3D eyes, plastic teeth, stuffed horns and painted markings!

Ace rotty-fox

another fun hybrid :) this guy was commission by ace, and is a rottweiler/fox hybird.

he has a cute goatee, toony eyes, spiked wig hair and plastic teeth.


replacement for a head lost in the post :)

toony eyes, static jaw, plastic teeth, cute hair poof :)

medosai wolf

another wolf joins the family :)

long time no update!

busy stuff, my FA is always updated, so go there if in doubt :)

heres some new stuff;

wild dog for talmak, complex suit.

some WIPs for this month too :)

ryu [no paint over, I did one awhile back in the foam stages]

lots of stuff :D

good photos of the jaguar and bunny pending the owners photos.

clothing up on artfire :)


go ahead and take a look! regretfuly slashed the prices again on the kimono and dress. hopefuly they sell soon, we're running out of space here!

[more items to be listed tomorrow, a mint green brocade coat and two waistcoats.]

we are also open for clothing commissions! email here for quotes :) shadow_obsidian @ hotmail . co . uk

head photos from this batch :)

jaguar soon-to-be 3/4 fullsuit. handsewn and painted spots, 3D eyes, plastic teeth

colourful foodog head, stuffed toony teeth, toony eyes, floppy ears and extra plastic teeth

stylized wild-dog soon-to-be fullsuit, sewn and painted markings, stylized shaping, 3D eyes, plastic teeth

cute bunny soon-to-be partial, 3D eyes, buckteeth, sculpted fur hair, long floppy lop ears

lack of photos

sorry for not posting any photos as of yet :(

dealing with net connection issues, a new laptop running on windows 7 which doesn't like the art programs I use and various other issues...

regardless, I'm working on salvaging my old laptop into a workable condition to post photos :)

all the heads [except thumper] for this queue are complete, other stuff is being worked on.


Ikari kitsune

a gift for a friend of mine, his birthday comes up on the 20th!